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AQHA has worked with the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at UC Davis (VGL) since the 1960’s for a number of reasons.  One of the biggest benefits of using VGL is the database of all of AQHA’s DNA results.  These are used for comparison when the genetic disease panel testing is done to ensure the results are from the same horse. Additionally, with our long-term working relationship with them, we have built an interface between our systems that allows us to transfer data and results for the horses tested through them. This prevents unintentional typographical errors, which when dealing with diseases, can be critical to the care of the horse. Not all companies use the same testing protocols, and we feel it is important that the testing procedures be consistent for continuity of the results.

AQHA owners make life decisions for their horses based on the results and it is imperative we use every tool possible to make sure correct information is recorded.
AQHA has always had a policy in place regarding disease testing, which prior to now was only HYPP, that required the test be done by a company licensed to perform the test if they used someone besides VGL. We have instituted that same policy for the disease panel testing for all testing done prior to October 1, 2013.
We will honor results from other companies for tests done prior to this date if the company was licensed to do the test. However, when this is done, a disclaimer will be placed on the horse’s record that the sample was not compared to the AQHA sample to ensure it was from the same horse. It is important to note that no other company was licensed to do the complete panel of testing for the diseases. There are some companies who offered the complete panel to customers even though they are not licensed to do some of the tests under licensing and patent agreements. In order for AQHA to accept any testing done prior to October 1, 2013, the tests must have been completed by licensed companies.  
Any testing done October 1, 2013, and after must be done through VGL in order for AQHA to record the results.
The logistics associated with creating reporting procedures with multiple laboratories and potential liability issues associated with accepting reports from multiple laboratories along with our contractual relationship with VGL were factors considered by the AQHA Executive Committee when making the decision that it was in the best interest of AQHA to accept and record genetic test results from VGL only.
Kits for DNA testing and the 5-panel genetic disease test can now be ordered online. Order today at for expedited service.
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Address:  PO Box 200, Amarillo, TX, 79168
Telephone: 806-376-4811
The 2017 AQHA Convention will be held between March 17-20 at the Grand Hyatt, San Antonio, Texas . AQHA holds an annual convention each spring to review member-submitted rule changes, appoint new AQHA directors, induct new American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame members and present year-end awards. For more information and to register, visit

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