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: SAQHA - 12657037 (SP)
AQHA - 5327902
: DX Ms Lucky Lynx
: Quarter Horse 
: Q049/08

There is no missing this mare. Her agility and performance ability are easy to see. Lynx was bred to perform with both her dam and sire from imported working bloodlines, this mare oozes quality.


On her sire line her imported sire Dillons JB Lynx was imported from the USA and is related to the well-known world champion all-round cow horse, Mr Gun Smoke, an important sire of top cutting, reining and working cow horses.


Her dam Ms Lucky Bee is imported from the USA with solid performance lines, going back to Goodbye Sam, a superior cutting horse and War Machine a superior western pleasure and halter horse.

: Mare
: Chestnut
: 21 Oct 2007
:South Africa
:Dillions JB Lynx (Import )
:Ms Lucky Bee (Import )
: Roux, Gustus (Blue Sky) (0667235AQH / 0664643AQH)





30 Jan 2017 Equine malignant hyperthermia - EMH (Negative (n/n))

30 Jan 2017 Glycogen-branching enzyme disorder - GBED (Negative (n/n))

30 Jan 2017 Hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia - HERDA (Negative (n/n))

30 Jan 2017 Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis - HYPP (Negative (n/n))

30 Jan 2017 Polysaccharide storage myopathy (Type 1) - PSSM1 (Negative (n/n))


No diseases recorded


No defects recorded
Q Its Reinin Shadows
Loading... Sire: Sail On Frozen Shadow (Import ITA)
Dam: DX Ms Lucky Lynx
Date of Birth: 12 Jan 2016
Colour: Palomino
Sex: Stallion
Current Owner: Ian Colyn
Q Frozen Red Velvet
Loading... Sire: Sail On Frozen Shadow (Import ITA)
Dam: DX Ms Lucky Lynx
Date of Birth: 19 Jan 2015
Colour: Chestnut
Sex: Mare
Current Owner: Deon Botha
Q Bonita
Sire: Sail On Frozen Shadow (Import ITA)
Dam: DX Ms Lucky Lynx
Date of Birth: 11 Feb 2013
Colour: Red Dun
Sex: Mare
Current Owner: KOTZE
DX Ms Lucky Lynx
DX Ms Lucky Lynx
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